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Lightning Strike Evaluation in Orlando, FL

Service Minds Mister Sparky tech arrived for Lightning Strike Evaluation in Orlando

Make Sure Your Electrical System Is Safe After a Lightning Strike

There were 21.5 lightning strokes per km in Orlando in 2023, making it one of the most lightning-prone metropolitan areas in the country. You might think all is clear once the storm passes, but lightning strikes can damage your home’s electrical system.

Sometimes, the damage isn’t apparent to the naked eye but can create a serious safety hazard if it isn’t addressed. Call Service Minds Mister Sparky for a lightning strike evaluation in Orlando, FL. An experienced, certified electrician will evaluate your system to ensure it’s safe for you, your family, and your property.

Electrical System Damage Caused By Lightning Strikes

Electricity from a direct or nearby lightning strike can create an explosive power surge. A whole home surge protector can reduce the amount of electricity that reaches the system, but it can’t prevent the surge entirely.

If you have a whole home surge protector, you might have some damage, but it will be even worse without one. Without a surge protector, the electricity can overwhelm your wiring, causing it to melt or catch on fire.

The excess voltage can also damage electrical switches, outlets, devices, and appliances. The source of the damage is often hidden behind walls, so a professional evaluation is necessary.

What to Expect During a Lightning Strike Evaluation in Orlando, FL

Time is of the essence when dealing with a damaged electrical system. You shouldn’t wait around for an inspection, and you won’t have to with Service Minds Mister Sparky. We’re Orlando’s on-time electrician, and we’ll be at your home quickly.

We’ll begin with a visual inspection to check for signs of damage. Since lightning strike damage is often hidden, we use tools to test the electrical insulation and wiring. These tests uncover hidden damage that can cause fires and other significant problems.

Electrical Repairs After Lightning Strikes

Service Minds Mister Sparky of Orlando also provides electrical system repairs. If the electrician finds damage during the inspection, you can proceed with repairs without using another company. This way, you can get your system up and running faster.

Protect Your Home and Family With a Lightning Strike Evaluation

A damaged electrical system is like a ticking time bomb. You never know when it might cause a fire or another problem. Don’t give it the time to destroy your home or hurt your family. Don’t put up with any malarky! Call Service Minds Mister Sparky of Orlando today.