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Generator Installation in Orlando, FL

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Keep the Lights On With a Whole House Generator

People might think that Orlando provides one sunny day after another, but bad weather is a real threat. Tornados, tropical storms, and hurricanes can whip through any time, and thunderstorms are a regular occurrence. These weather events can knock out your power, and it might take days to restore the electricity.

The electric company might tell you to wait it out, but we say don’t put up with any malarky! Service Minds Mister Sparky offers generator installation in Orlando, FL, so you can stop suffering through outages.

Unlock the Power of Whole House Generators

A whole house generator is wired to your home’s electrical panel through a transfer switch. The transfer switch monitors your home’s power supply and switches on the generator if it’s interrupted. This is done automatically, so you’ll receive a constant power supply.

Unlike weak portable generators, whole house generators can power your entire home, including the air conditioner and furnace. These systems can run on your home’s existing fuel supply, and some also have backup power sources, just in case.

Choosing a Generator for Your Orlando Home

Whole house generators vary in size, fuel type, power, and features. Choosing one that accommodates your needs without providing more power than necessary is essential.

That’s why we conduct in-home visits before installing generators. The electrician will inspect your home’s fuel source, determine your coverage and wattage needs, and choose a location to set up the generator.

You can also let the electrician know if you want extra features, such as Wi-Fi compatibility. Then, the electrician will review the best options for your Orlando home.

Turnkey Generator Installation in Orlando, FL

Service Minds Mister Sparky of Orlando handles the entire installation process for you, including getting the proper permits. We work quickly and efficiently, ensuring the generator is properly connected to the electrical supply and fuel source.

Once complete, the electrician will test the generator and answer any questions you may have. Your electrician can also help you connect the generator to your mobile device if it’s Wi-Fi enabled.

Schedule Stress-free Generator Installation

You need a reliable company to handle your generator installation. That way, it will work the first time your power goes out and continue working in the future. Stay cool no matter what weather comes your way by contacting Orlando’s on-time electrician today.