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Electrical Home Safety Inspection in Orlando, FL

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Protect Your Home and Property With an Electrical Safety Inspection

Many of the older homes in Orlando have outdated electrical systems that don’t meet the current code requirements. Even newer houses can have safety hazards due to faulty wiring and other electrical malfunctions.

Identify issues before they become deadly with an electrical home safety inspection in Orlando, FL. Service Minds Mister Sparky offers detailed electrical inspections and provides repairs and upgrades when needed. Don’t put up with any malarky! Schedule an inspection with Orlando’s on-time electrician.

When to Get an Electrical Home Safety Inspection

Most electrical problems don’t start with a bang. Instead, electrical components slowly degrade and deteriorate, eventually causing costly and dangerous malfunctions. By following a routine electrical home safety inspection schedule, you can prevent dangerous fires and electrocution.

If your house is under 25 years old, have a professional inspect it every three to five years. Once it reaches 25, increase the frequency to every two to three years. Finally, inspect your home every one to three years if it’s 40 years old or older.

You should also schedule an electrical home safety inspection in the following situations:

  • Before Undergoing a Four-Point Inspection: Insuring an older home in Orlando is nearly impossible without passing a four-point inspection. Find out if your electrical system will pass by getting a safety inspection first.
  • When Installing Power-Hungry Appliances: Are you considering upgrading your air conditioner to one that can better handle Orlando’s rising temperatures? This is just one example of a power-hungry appliance that can overwhelm your electrical system. Have an electrician inspect your system before installing and operating large appliances to prevent circuit overload.
  • After Storm Damage: Hurricanes, tornados, lightning, hail, and high winds can damage your electrical system. These weather events happen often in Orlando and can cause significant damage. This damage can lead to fires and electrocution, so get an inspection immediately.
  • Before and After Renovating or Remodeling Your Home: You’ll need an electrical safety inspection to get approved for a permit to remodel or renovate your Orlando home. Then, you should have a second inspection after the work is finished.
  • When Buying or Selling a Home: A faulty electrical system can make a real estate transaction grind to a halt. Avoid any holdups by getting the house inspected before closing.
  • After DIY Electrical Work: It’s dangerous to complete your own electrical work. If you do, have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical system for signs of damage or malfunction. Otherwise, you could be at risk of fire, electrocution, and serious electrical damage.

Schedule an Electrical Home Safety Inspection in Orlando, FL

Thousands of Florida structures catch on fire due to electrical malfunctions each year. Don’t let that happen to you. Schedule a safety inspection with a licensed electrician at Service Minds Mister Sparky of Orlando.