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Electrical Grounding in Orlando, FL

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Increase Safety and Protect Your Home With Electrical Grounding

Electrical grounding provides a safe way to offload electricity during voltage spikes and short circuits. Without it, the excess electricity could jump to metal, water, and other conductive materials, resulting in electrocution or a fire.

As one of the most lightning-prone cities in the country, electrical grounding in Orlando, FL, is a must. Contact Service Minds Mister Sparky to set up an appointment for grounding installation, maintenance, or repair.

Benefits of Electrical Grounding Installation in Orlando

Electrical grounding is required for all new construction, but that wasn’t always the case. Ungrounded systems were common in Orlando until the mid-1960s, and some homeowners still have them today.

Service Minds Mister Sparky can update your system with our electrical grounding services. Your new electrical grounding system will increase your home’s safety and protect your appliances from power surges. It can even make it easier to sell your home if you plan to move or get homeowners insurance if you intend to stay put.

Warning Signs of Faulty Electrical Grounding

Electrical grounding must be properly installed and maintained to be effective. Proper installation includes using the right materials to ensure a safe and secure connection. Today, copper grounding wire is the gold standard due to its durability and conductivity, but older grounding systems often use different materials. This is especially true for Orlando homes built before the mid-1960s.

Your grounding system should be evaluated if it doesn’t have copper wiring. Also, contact Service Minds Mister Sparky of Orlando to repair or upgrade your system if you experience any of the following warning signs:

  • Electrical shocks when touching metal
  • Frequent electrical system overloads
  • Flickering lights
  • Buzzing or humming from audio equipment
  • Flashing lines on the TV screen

It’s critical to act as soon as you notice any of these issues. The next severe storm is always around the corner when living in Orlando, and a lightning strike or another problem could push your electrical system over the edge.

Book a Service for Electrical Grounding in Orlando, FL

Your safety is at risk the longer you wait to install or repair your electrical grounding system. As Orlando’s on-time electrician, you can quickly get the system you need with Service Minds Mister Sparky.

Don’t put up with any malarky! Choose a reliable electrician by calling Service Minds Mister Sparky.