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Breaker and Fuse Replacement in Orlando, FL

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Prevent Electrical Fires With Circuit Breaker and Fuse Box Installation

Power surges are a constant threat, especially during Orlando’s stormy season. Without a functioning circuit breaker or fuse box, excess voltage can damage your appliances and start an electrical fire.

Make sure your home is protected by contacting Service Minds Mister Sparky for breaker and fuse replacement in Orlando, FL.

Circuit Breakers vs. Fuse Boxes

If your house was built before 1960, it might have a fuse box to protect against electrical overloads. Fuse boxes contain fuses with a wire filament that melts when the voltage exceeds the electrical system’s limit. You have to replace the fuse each time this happens.

Fuse boxes are easy to operate and maintain but don’t meet current safety standards. They also can’t keep up with modern power demands, leading to blown fuses. Due to these problems, Orlando homes with fuse boxes typically fail the four-point inspection, making it impossible to get homeowners insurance.

Most Orlando contractors started installing circuit breakers in new construction in 1960. Circuit breakers have a panel of switches that flip if the power overloads or short circuits. You can quickly restore power by flipping a switch on the breaker panel. Circuit breakers can handle more power than fuse boxes, and you can add additional circuits to meet your energy demands.

When to Get Fuse or Breaker Replacement in Orlando, FL

Circuit breakers usually last 20-40 years, but Orlando’s conditions can accelerate wear and tear. Excessive heat and humidity can cause breakers to trip more frequently, and both are in big supply in Orlando. Frequent breaker trips can wear down the components, decreasing the breaker’s lifespan.

Because of that, you need to consider more than the age of the circuit breaker or fuse when deciding if you need an upgrade. Schedule service with Mister Sparky of Orlando if you have the following issues with your breaker or fuse box:

  • Frequent breaker tripping that indicates the system can’t meet your power demands
  • Damage or corrosion
  • Buzzing sounds coming from the panel
  • Flickering lights
  • Smoke, burning smell, or heat radiating from the panel

Are you still deciding whether to replace your circuit breaker or fuse box? Don’t put up with any malarky! Get straightforward answers by contacting Service Minds Mister Sparky of Orlando.

Reliable and Efficient Breaker and Fuse Replacement in Orlando, FL

Updating your electrical system might be a big job, but it’s a breeze when you hire Orlando’s on-time electrician. Service Minds Mister Sparky can evaluate your electrical needs, recommend circuit breakers to meet the demand, and efficiently upgrade your system.