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Electrical Repairs in Orlando, FL

Service Minds Mister Sparky tech arrived to perform electrical repair

Bring Your System Back to Life With Professional Electrical Repairs

Did you know that Florida households consume more electricity than homes in almost every other state? It’s pretty easy to understand why when you consider the heat waves that hit Orlando every summer. It’s not just the AC, though. Half the energy consumed in Orlando and the rest of Florida is used to power up appliances, electronics, and lights.

The high output causes wear and tear on electrical systems, and before you know it, you need a repair. Keep the energy flowing into your home by contacting Service Minds Mister Sparky for electrical repairs in Orlando, FL. We have certified and experienced electricians who can handle all repairs, including emergencies.

Electrical Repair Warning Signs

Service Minds Mister Sparky repairs electrical panels, circuit breakers, wiring, generators, and more.

Contact us if your system stops working or you notice any of the following:

  • Circuit Breaker Tripping: Faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, and bad breakers can cause circuit breakers to trip frequently. An electrical repair is needed if your circuit breaker trips more than once per month.
  • Hot, Smoking, or Sparking Outlets: Outlets can overheat due to loose wires, overloaded circuits, and other electrical malfunctions. Since this is a fire hazard, you need to contact a licensed electrician immediately.
  • Burning Smell: Turn off your home’s power supply and call us for electrical repairs if you smell burning plastic or metal. We’re available day and night to handle this and other emergency electrical repairs in Orlando, FL.
  • Flickering Lights: Check the lightbulb if your light starts flickering to make sure it’s screwed in tightly. If the light continues flickering, faulty wiring or a loose connection could be the culprit.
  • Strange Sounds: Overloaded electrical systems often make buzzing and crackling sounds. You might hear these sounds from the electrical panel, the outlets, or the walls. Strange noises mean the electrical system is overheating and could start a fire if you don’t get the proper repairs.
  • Outlets and Switches Stop Working: Bad connections, short circuits, damaged components, and a tripped circuit breaker can cause outlets and switches to stop working. Check the circuit breaker to see if that’s the source of the problem. If you still can’t restore power, Service Minds Mister Sparky of Orlando can repair it for you.
  • Electrical Shocks: Electric shocks typically occur due to wiring or grounding issues. These shocks are a hazard to your health, so don’t delay in getting your electrical system repaired.

Fast and Reliable Electrical Repairs From Orlando’s On-Time Electrician

Don’t put up with any malarky! Get prompt electrical repairs from a company you can trust by scheduling with Service Minds Mister Sparky of Orlando. We’ll arrive on time, diagnose the problem, and provide the repairs needed.